5 Reasons Why Your Parents Hate Facebook

Insian Parents Hate Facebook

Facebook for today’s generation is like a second home or you can say their only home. They practically live there.

XYZ is eating PASTA at HOME.

XYZ is feeling SAD.

One problem we always face is our parents. They just hate facebook and we think it’s for no reason but friends they have got plenty of them … 10 of them are listed below.

1.Sharing Personal Information

People call it personal information for a reason because it is ” personal ” and personal means not to be SHARED with EVERYONE. This is one of the top most reasons why parents hate facebook. Facebook has columns for all your personal information even the minutest ones and kids upload each and every detail. There are hundreds of unknown people in their ID’s but they know all about their family, residence, contacts, likes, dislikes, places visited and what not !! This is the only thing parents are worried about because it is directly associated with security of the whole family.

2.Fear Of Addiction

Once the kid starts liking the virtual world, he finds it very hard to adjust or accept the real world. The reason behind this is on any social networking site you can modify your profile the way you want and add details that are not even true … this creates a false image and kids love it because it is a self-esteem booster for them. So parents try to avoid this by keeping their kids away from facebook.


3.Fake World

When kids are exposed to social media channels at an early age, especially when it comes to Facebook, they are exposed to different people from all over the world. Although some people might view this as a positive growing aid, many parents fear that this will raise the chances of exposing their children to the “bad world and the bad people” since they are more likely to encounter sex offenders, perverts, bullies etc.

4. What should we believe?

Personal Information on Facebook

When children are young, they start developing their own belief system in the world they are living in. Through their parents, siblings, relatives, friends and school, they are supposed to build solid grounds for how they will turn up to be. Facebook allows for unorganized interactions with others who come from various cultures and have different mentalities, personalities, ways of thinking and so on, which can leave the child confused and lost!


Molding a kid requires a great amount of self-discipline from parents, a discipline which surely does not exist on Facebook or any other social media sites for that matter! Drama, exaggerated reactions, rebellion and many other actions could be easily learned through Facebook.






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