5 Reasons As To Why You Should Consider Making Your Passion Your Career


Photo Credit: Kalyan Chakravarthy

Heard about-“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life?” Its nothing but the truth until practicality shows up and has its way with your life. Want to be an artist, a musician or perhaps a photographer? I bet MANY of us have been counseled by our parents to choose office/assured careers which give us a paycheck with our names on it every month. Many of us even had to give up on our most ardent dreams. But giving up was never the solution and it only leaves us with regrets. Striving to achieve our dreams and proving the world wrong and being unaffected by its scrutiny is how things should have been done and SHOULD be done. Making a future out of things you genuinely love to do (things which do have a scope, ‘cause come on! A little practicality won’t hurt! ) is probably the best thing you can do for yourself and here are some reasons why you most certainly should do it :

1) Its Fun

Its something you love, isn’t it? So it goes without saying that the whole process of doing it will be like “RECESS” to you! It’ll be exciting and fun to do what you love , watch your passion, your dream shape up and bear fruits. You won’t even mind working late hours for it because its something that interests you and is not something that was forced upon you .To be able to do what you love for a living, NOTHING gets better than that!

2) Success

“WHEN PASSION’S A PRISON, YOU CAN’T BREAK FREE.” When what you most ardently love to do becomes your job, you won’t only enjoy it but also strive to work harder without trying or pushing your mind and body beyond its limit. It won’t be an unbearable or a tiring task for you rather a task which by default, will have all your attention and care to make it work because you took it up by choice! You will do everything in your power to get the favorable outcome. This case, thus, has a higher probability of success.

3) Sometimes, No Boss

Not everyone (or perhaps no one) likes a person above us, bossing us around. No wonder now-a-days, people are more inclined towards entrepreneurship! In some cases, following your dream and making it into a career gives you the liberty to be your own boss. To do things that solely benefit you without people interfering, shouting and the worst of all, you being fired! It gives you the opportunity to come up with new and original ideas and to work towards making your dream a reality with money being the cherry on the top of your cake!

4) No Regrets

The words “what if” are viciously dangerous. They remind you of an unfinished task followed by the remorseful feeling of regret. If you get a chance to be able to do what you love to do or even better, make a career out of it which pays you well, that’s when you have experienced salvation-before-death and true relief in full essence! Then there’s no place for regrets only contentment which is the secret of a long blissful life!

5)Break the Orthodox Notion

Following your dreams not only makes your life worth living for you but also gives others a hope that there is a much more interesting world out there, out of their boxed-up lives ! That there is a career apart from that 10 am to 6 pm job too. My father used to say- “I don’t mind even if you set up a stall and sell lemonade! But what I do mind is when you do it halfheartedly.” No job is big or small, neither should dreams be classified as important or not. Its completely up to you how you shape things and in turn, your future! No career option is ‘weird’ and no one is going to question you if you do it with all your being but you surely will be mocked if you don’t. Break the notion of an IDEAL career option, there is none as such ‘cause you make it ideal for yourself!





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