20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Hollywood Stars

11. Minding His Surroundings.



Liam Neeson used to be a teacher but got fired for punching a 15 year old student when the boy pulled out a knife in the class.

12.  Make a wish!


While recording the voice of Genie in Aladdin, Robin Williams frequently received calls from Steven Spielberg who was working on Schindler’s List. He would put Robin Williams on loud speaker so that he could tell jokes to the cast and crew to cheer them up.

13. The Name’s Bond.



Sean Connery once single-handedly beat four men in a night club who were bothering some women while Michael Caine held his coat!

14. Accio Glasses!

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe

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Throughout all the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe used more than 70 magic wands and wore over 160 different pair of glasses as he kept breaking most of them.

15. Claws or Clown ?

Hugh Jackman

All About Jackman

Before Hugh Jackman became a movie star, he used to be a professional clown at birthday parties.

16. Fight Club? More like Strip Club.

Brad Pitt Fight CLub


Before landing acting jobs in Hollywood, Brad Pitt used to be a chauffeur for a Strip-A-Gram service.

17. He IS The One

Keanu Reeves

Hello Magazine

Keanu Reeves gave up most of his Matrix sequel money and gave it to the costume and special effects team.

18. No license to Kill?

Daniel Craig James Bond

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Daniel Craig, who is currently playing the role of James Bond in the famous series, has a phobia of guns!

19. Not So Smooth 

Michael Jackson Spider Man

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Michael Jackson was so desperate to play the role of Spiderman in a movie that in 1990s he tried to buy the Marvel Comics.

20. Are You Not Entertained?

Jamie Foxx Django Unchained


In 2nd grade, Jamie Foxx was so talented at telling jokes that his teacher used him as a reward. If the class behaved, Jamie would entertain them.

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