20 Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Hollywood Stars

They make you laugh and sometimes you cry with them. It’s their job to trigger your emotions in that way. And that is why they are your favorite stars. They may portray a larger than life personality on screen, but they too are human beings like you and me.

Here few unknown facts about your favourite stars.

1. An Artist Since Birth

Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio was named so because his mother was looking at a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci in a museum when he first kicked.

2. Believe It or Not!

Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson grew up believing that his grandmother was his mother and his mother was his sister!

3. No Sweat

Russel Crowe

Twitter | Actor Trivia

Russell Crowe claims he did nothing special other than work on his farm in Australia to lose weight and gain muscle for his role in Gladiator.

4.  Why so Serious? 

The Joker in the Knight Rider


The party sequence in The Dark Knight when The Joker enters via the Llift, was the first time Michael Caine (Alfred) saw Heath Ledger in his full Joker make-up. He got so scared that he completely forgot to say his lines as the cameras continued to roll.

5. The Godfather Doesn’t Mug Lines


IMdb Trivia

Marlon Brando did not memorize most of his lines in The Godfather and read them from cue cards that were placed or held all over the set.

6. Hi. My Name Is?

Marilyn Monroe

OMG Facts

Marilyn Monroe had to ask an autograph seeker how to spell her own name.

7. A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise


Since 2006, October 10th has been celebrated as Tom Cruise day in Japan, honoring the fact that he has visited the country more times than any other western star.

8. Lucky Thirteen

Matt LeBlanc

Fact Source: Wikipedia | Photo: Telegraph UK

Matt LeBlanc only had $13 in his bank account when he landed the role of Joey in Friends.

9. The Curious Case of Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate with Brad Pitt


Christina Applegate attended the 1989 MTV awards with Brad Pitt, but dumped him at the event and left with someone else!

10. Look alive now!


OMG Facts

Charlie Chaplin’s dead body was dug up and held for ransom for over two months.

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