10 Satisfying GIFs Beautifully Show How Things Work

Visual form is one of the most convenient ways to understand complex things. When the visuals in slow motions and show how something works, it not only feels satisfying but gives you a better understanding. We have collected some of the best GIFs that show how a particular thing works.

1. This is How the Keys Work 


2. This is How Water Refracts Light


3. This is how the Human Face takes shape in the Womb. 


4. This is the number of Aeroplanes Fly in one Day.


5. This is how Pencils are Sharpen using Machines 


6. This is how Plants Find Support around them


7. This GIFs explains Pythagorean Theorem (a²+b²=c²)


8. This is how Braces Change Your Teeth.


9. This is how the Cheetah used it’s Tail to keep his balance while chasing his prey.


10. This is how Dogs Drink Water.






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