10 Most Followed Celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is a place where you follow people you are crazy about, sometimes it’s even a product or a service, but let’s just list 10 Celebs having the most number of followers on Twitter.

Justin Bieber

You don’t follow this guy? Well, he’s got over 40 Million followers, is the most followed person on Twitter. This 19 year old girlish looking pop star is loved by millions of teens and has got crazy followers. This is depressing for me, I mean when I was 19 years old, hardly my neighbours knew me.

Lady Gaga

You must have seen photos of a thing on stage wearing weird outfits but singing like crazy, that thing is called Lady Gaga, another celeb that has got a crazy number of followers, 38 Million.

Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (Katy Perry), the 28 year old female artist who once had 5 number one hits on Billboard Hot 100. IS pretty famous on Twitter as well, she has got over 37.5 Million followers on Twitter.


Robyn Rihanna Fenty (Rihanna), is just 25 has already has a decade long of music career, she is got 29.9 Million followers on Twitter.

Taylor Swift

This 23 year old pop singer is very popular among teens with her songs like Love Story and You Belong with Me. She has got over 28.7 Million followers on twitter.

Britney Spears

Pop star of the last decade, you may see her in news every now and then but she is going strong on Twitter, she has got 27.7 Million Followers on Twitter.

Justin Timberlake

The talented singer turned actor turned Entrepreneur has got people following from all over the world on Twitter, he has got over 21.1 Million followers on Twitter.


Shakira is truly a global celebrity, she has got a great following from all over the world and on Twitter she is 20.8 Million followers strong.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen, this lady makes you laugh like anything, via her popular show Ellen, She is a bit on an old brink (55 Years) but that didn’t stop her from going strong on Twitter, she has got over 19. 7 Million Followers on Twitter.

Jennifer Lopez


Another popular pop star from the last decade or say from my times. If Twitter was there 10 years ago, J Lo would have been the most popular person to follow on Twitter. She is currently having 19.1 Million followers on twitter.

The stats have been taken from Twitter counter, for more updated stats check their website.






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