10 Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast forms the most important meal of the day, thus, to have it the right way becomes equally important. It is said that every man should have his breakfast as a rich man, lunch as a common man and dinner as a poor man. One should choose breakfast accordingly such that it contains all the nutrients required and what can be a better option than breakfast cereals for this.

Breakfast cereals contain essential nutrients such as vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals like calcium, iron and riboflavin. Generally, they are consumed cold either with water or milk, but one should be cautious while consuming them, as many breakfast cereals are low in calories only when taken in small quantity.

Boiled eggs, steamed stuffed OR bread, and soya milk or porridge, but my favourite breakfast is soya milk, cakes and one banana.

Try having food that contains some sugar so that you get some energy in the early hours of work. The energy you will get from it, will help you keep going for long hours if you are in a habit of skipping the lunches.

Pizza for breakfast. You will get hugs. You will get kisses. You will get to bask in the title Best Mom Ever (for about 10 minutes). It’s Back-to-School in our house and my son is NOT a morning person- he just doesn’t have an appetite for breakfast until a few hours after he wakes up. Enter pizza. Win!

The best part about pizza for breakfast is that most of it can be made the night before. Take about 3 minutes to scramble your eggs in the morning, pile it all on top of your crust, and throw it in the oven for 10 minutes. Win!

North Indian Breakfast ( Potato Stuffed Paratha) is quite heavy and again helps you catch up with your work for long. But avoid having many of them as they are cooked in oil.

Best Pancakes” by New York Magazine, as well as being nominated for “Top 10 brunches” by the New York Observer.

Again, potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates, don’t have them every day but it should be allowed at least once a week.

Sandwiches in Breakfast are good too, they are fast to prepare and eat. You can have them when in a hurry to rush to the office.






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