11 Creative Modern Wall Clock Gifts For Home or Office Decor

Wall Clocks are not just a utility to know the time, it is also about decorating the walls of your Home or Office.

Find a perfect designed wall clock is tricky, it can suck in many important hours of your time, ironically. So, I sat down and listed some of the best creative and modern designs of Wall Clocks that you can either gift someone or gift it yourself.

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1. Vangold Frameless DIY Wall Clock

It is a beautiful modern wall clock with large numerical that takes up the entire wall. If you are trying the minimalistic approach, it’s a good idea to fill up the wall with something useful and keeping it clean.

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2. LOHAS Home 12 Inch Silent Vintage Design Wooden Round Wall Clock

This is a wooden shaped round wall clock that gives a far feel, Perhaps in an office full of metallic colours and furniture, it can add some balance to the overall look of the room.

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3. FirsTime 50075 Wall Clock Weathered Barn Wood

A big round wood used as a wall clock makes a perfect decade for home and office. See if it fits better with all of your other furniture.

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4. Magho Plastic Wall Clock With Secret Compartment as Hidden Safe

This is quite a unique wall clock for decor, useful for having a secret safe that hides behind the wooden wall clock.

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5. Home Decor Clock, Colorful Retro Roman Numerals Style

This one looks a big antique of all the beautiful wall clock designs. It’s also colourful.

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6. Umbra Ribbon Modern 12-inch Wall Clock, Battery Operated Quartz Movement

This 12-inch modern wall clock disguises as a piece of art. The design is pretty unique as it doesn’t quite look like a wall clock.

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7. PUMERIT Vintage Gear Wall Clock 3D Retro Non-Ticking Wood Clock

This is a vintage wall clock at the same time it can easily fit into a modern design home. The design is mechanical themes and is surely going to be a good addition to your home decor.

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8. Vangold Large 3D DIY Wall Clock Roman Symbols

Another big wall clock for a minimalistic home, with Roman numbers. If your space is already filled up with a lot of stuck, this works well for balancing things out.

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9. Betus 12 Inches Non-Ticking Optical Illusion Wall Clock

Here is another one unique design for a wall clock, yet it doesn’t quite look like one. It will look beautiful on a white wall in a modern home.

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10. Alrens_DIY(TM) Time Large Size Numbers, Decoration Self-adhesive Wall Sticker Decor

Here is another option for a full-wall wall clock with large numerals.

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11. Oldtown Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Noiseless Wall Clock

Neatly designed wall clock with some wood.

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